The Scroll Art Museum

Scroll art lets beginner programmers turn loops and print() into animated ASCII art.

Orbital Travels


Several of my attempts to make scroll art are built off of complex ideas and complicated code that produce mediocre results. Orbital Travels was an absurdly simple idea that turned into one of my favorite pieces of scroll art: show multiple characters moving back and forth in a sine wave at different rates. Using different characters for each wave (one of @ O 0 o * . , v V) gives the final output a nice texture. The results delighted me. They reminded me the helix picture of an orbiting moon as it follows the Earth. With a fixed Earth, the moon's orbit looks circular. But when you follow the movement of the Earth, you can see that the Moon is actually moving in a helix path. I decided to name this piece Orbital Travels.

You can configure the characters used in the sine waves by adjsuting the ALL_CHARS constant.