The Scroll Art Museum

Scroll art lets beginner programmers turn loops and print() into animated ASCII art.

Skulls and Hearts


The use of parallax in this piece was discovered by accident. I created Skulls and Hearts as sequence to play in the Forbidden Zone music video, but noticed that the hearts in the foreground seemed to be moving faster than the skulls in the background. This is impossible; the output of all scroll art is just one stream. However, the illusion of parallax was achieved because the repeating skull pattern is eight lines in height, but by moving the animation nine lines at a time, it appears that they only move one line up. Meanwhile, the hearts do not repeat and therefore do look like they're moving up nine lines at a time.

The difference makes the parallax effect appear. It was a serendiptous discovery that has renewed my interest in testing the limits to what is possible within the tight constraints of scroll art.

The skull ASCII art is a modification of the one originally used in the Wallpaper scroll art. This design was originally created for Project 41 - Lucky Stars in The Big Book of Small Python Projects, a clone of the game Zombie Dice.